Michael Tweedle

Michael Tweedle, Ph.D. is Professor of Radiology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy, and holds the The Stephanie Spielman Chair in Cancer Imaging in Radiology and the James Comprehensive Cancer Care Center. He heads the Wright Center Molecular Imaging Agents Laboratory, which is focussed on creation and use of new MI agents for understanding of disease and its therapy.

Formerly, as President of Bracco Research USA, he was the chief executive and lead scientist, providing scientific and executive leadership in commercial imaging agents. He was educated at Knox College (BA Chemistry 1973), Rice University (Ph.D. in physical chemistry Prof. Lon J. Wilson, 1978) and Stanford University (NRS Fellow with Nobel Prof. Henry Taube 1977-1980). His work experience in diagnostic imaging runs twenty-five years. As a research scientist he invented the first catalyst for production of cationic Tc(III) radiopharmaceutical kits at NEN in 1981, and created among the earliest targeted molecular imaging agents from monoclonal antibodies at NEN/DuPOnt.

In 1986, working with E.R. Squibb and Sons, he invented and developed one of the three first generation Gd-based MRI agents, the macrocyclic ProHanceTM, which is still marketed by Bracco internationally. His most recent MI agents are a first in class targeted imaging/ radiotherapeutic peptide for prostate and breast cancer now in P-I clinical development at Marillion Pharmaceuticals, and a first in class angiogenesis receptor targeted US agent in preclinical Development at Bracco SpA. His current work includes molecular/cellular targeted nuclear, MRI, US and Light Imaging agents. He sits on the journal editorial boards of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Investigative Radiology, and is Associate Editor of Cancer Research, has served on Expert Councils at the US Pharmacopeia, elected Boards of Directors of professional societies, academic Scientific Advisory Boards in molecular Imaging, and on Scientific Advisory Boards of pharmaceutical and chemical companies, and serves on the external Scientific Advisory Board of New York University’s School of Science. He has authored over 100 publications, including 29 patents and 17 book chapters and reviews. In 1995 he was awarded the highest honor of the Contrast Media Research congress, The Harry Fischer Medal for Excellence in Contrast Media Research.