Paul Jurek

Paul Jurek earned a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry under the mentorship of Professor Arthur E. Martell in 1999. His research focused on the modeling of enzyme active sites that contain metal ions. After graduate school,

he worked as an R&D scientist for a graphite company, where he applied graphite materials to battery applications. After two years, he obtained a new position as a consultant on pharmaceutical quality systems. The experience of traveling to pharmaceutical companies to fix and improve their quality systems proved invaluable to understanding the regulations that govern drug manufacturing.

Paul has been with Macrocyclics for 20 years. He was initially hired as the quality manager in 2004 to create a cGMP compliant quality system to supply products for clinical trials. Over the years he developed the processes for over thirty of the compounds that now reside in the Macrocyclics catalog. Building on his synthetic skills, Paul has synthesized over 50 custom compounds for customers through the years. He moved into the position of director of custom product development in 2014. He has managed over 75 projects for customers who are moving their products through clinical trials. These projects included manufacturing, analytical development, impurity studies, and stability studies, encompassing chelates, peptide conjugates, and antibody conjugates. Paul’s expertise and experience has helped clients advance their products through various stages of drug development. He now oversees the company as CEO.