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Over the past 60 years, peptide synthesis has become the gold standard for the preparation and study of small fragments of full proteins in the fields of drug discovery and proteomic research, as well as the design and development of de novo sequences that may not be produced naturally. The convenience of the process, and the latest developments in the field that allow for its full automation, have streamlined the availability of peptides to the research and industrial communities.

Macrocyclics has the latest technology in microwave-assisted, automated peptide synthesis available onsite to produce small to medium peptides (≤50 amino acids) by solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), using standard Fmoc chemistry. We can synthesize milligram to multi-gram quantities of product in most cases. All peptides are purified to ≥ 95% by HPLC and are supplied as trifluoroacetate salts unless otherwise stated. We can provide fully deprotected as well as protected peptides and are able to perform modifications to side chains per request, including the attachment of any of our catalog chelates. We have experience in the synthesis of both linear and cyclic peptides.

With a number of analytical tools in house (please refer to our Analytical Services section for more information), we are able to provide you with comprehensive characterization data on our products to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality of product. With a combined 50 years of experience, our chemists are available to provide further support and ensure that your needs are satisfied. We are happy to provide quotes for research or cGMP grade work.

For more information on Macrocyclics’ peptide capabilities, please contact Federico Rojas,  +1 (469) 786-6060.