Bioconjugation Services

The staff at Macrocyclics has extensive experience in the field of bioconjugation and can provide
cGMP production for phase I and phase II clinical studies.

Bioconjugation Services

Our team has expertise in a wide variety of bifunctional linkers frequently used in both imaging and therapeutic applications. We are globally recognized for our expertise in the field of bifunctional chelating agents which have been a cornerstone of our business since 1995.

  • Bioconjugation Specialties

    • Chelate conjugation
    • Pegylation
    • Peptides
    • Monoclonal antibodies
    • Protein-protein
    • Antibody and protein biotinylation and fluorescent labeling
  • Analytical and Assay

    • Capillary electrophoresis
    • QTOF sequencing
    • SDS PAGE
    • SEC-HPLC
    • IEX-HPLC
    • Isoelectric Focusing
    • Potency Determination by Specific Elisa
    • Mole ratio determination for total chelate or available chelate
    • Radio-TLC Imaging
    • Endotoxin
  • Project Management

    • Macrocyclics provides project management oversight with weekly conference calls and meeting minutes to track progress of activities, action items, and timelines
  • Consulting Services and CMC

    • Macrocyclics can provide consulting services and CMC support for submission of INDs