About Macrocyclics

Macrocyclics, Inc., a manufacturer of customized chelating agents, is dedicated to leading-edge development of new chelation chemistry platforms critical for advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.

We provide a broad library of catalog products designed to meet the needs of our basic and applied research customers as well as custom cGMP products and services to accelerate early stage clinical development programs.

We also offer expert consulting services related to fundamental chelation chemistry and bioconjugation. Macrocyclics has a cutting-edge research and development strategy geared toward meeting the emerging needs of the medical community with both commercial and academic collaborations in mind. Our molecular imaging platform technology is adaptable to a broad range of radionuclides such as copper 64, gallium 68 and zirconium 89 for

positron emission tomography (PET) and gadolinium and other lanthanide ions for optical and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Our products include an extensive line of bifunctional ligands designed specifically for bio-targeting in combination with monoclonal antibodies and peptide fragments. Since 1995, Macrocyclics has been the most trusted name most trusted name in metal-ligand chelating technologies.