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About the company

Macrocyclics, Inc., a manufacturer of customized chelating agents, is dedicated to leading-edge development of new chelation chemistry platforms critical for advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.


Providing tools and solutions in the field of nuclear medicine for site-specific bioconjugation, advanced chelating agent technology, and peptide intermediates.

GMP manufacturing

Macrocyclics introduced its cGMP manufacturing services in 2005. Our quality system is designed specifically for the manufacture of APIs to be used in clinical trials.


Our team provides comprehensive technical support for all catalog products.  We also offer custom synthesis, contract manufacturing, and project consultation tailored to specific needs.

What’s In Store?


Bifunctional Chelators (BFCs)


Bifunctional Chelators (BFCs)

Azido-mono-amide-DOTA-tris(t-Bu ester)

Bifunctional Chelators (BFCs)

Bifunctional Starter Pack

Bifunctional Chelators (BFCs)


4-Aminobutyl-DOTA-tris (t-butyl ester)

Bifunctional Chelators (BFCs)

2-Aminoethyl-mono-amide-DOTA-tris(t-Bu ester)

Bifunctional Chelators (BFCs)


Macrocyclic Ligands


Macrocyclic Ligands


Bifunctional Chelators (BFCs)

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