UT Dallas Chemistry Internship


Macrocyclics has created an internship opportunity exclusively offered to current students at the University of Texas at Dallas. The Internship is intended to give students experience working in a chemical manufacturing lab and generate awareness as to the application of chemistry in industry. Daily activities will include:


• Packaging of product, receiving of chemicals, inventory audits

• Hands on use and maintenance of equipment including rotary evaporators, reactors, freeze dryers, loading and using flash/prep chromatography systems, sample method development for set up of LCMS and in-process work for Macro non-GMP quality control.

• Conduct hands on chemical reactions where the intern works almost entirely autonomously (for example preparation and purification chelate/metal complex)

• Assist a PhD chemist on a project. By the last month of the internship the student will assist in the synthesis and purification of a commercial product including analytical analysis using HPLC, IR and NMR.

The program will run from May through August. Interns will receive pay at $15 an hour and work of 30-40 hours. Work schedule is flexible such that students can take days off when needed or work half days. Start time is between 8-9, leave by 6:00pm.


Important Deadlines


Application Due Date : April 30th

• Top candidates will be selected for interviews. All others will be thanked for their submissions.

Interview period : May (2nd-6th)

• Selected candidates will be offered onsite interviews to last no longer than 1 hour.

* Accommodations for virtual interviews can be made

Decision Announcement : May 6th

• Top candidate will be offered the position.

First day of internship :  May 23rd – 27th

• Chosen candidate must start program within this week.  


Eligibility Requirements

• Current undergraduate student at University of Texas Dallas

• Completion of general chemistry and/or organic chemistry courses

To apply, send resume and a copy of transcript (official or unofficial) to internship@macrocyclics.com.

In the body of the email include the following information


I. Contact Information

                First Name

                Last Name

                Residence Address (May – August 2022)

                Preferred Email Address

                Primary Phone #

                Authorized for work in US [Yes/No]

II. Education Information

                Student Classification (Freshmen, Sophomore, etc.)



III. Free Response

                In 200 words or less, describe your interest in science and how you wish to apply science in your career.