Customer publications – M-130

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  1. C. Wang, D. Cheng, N. Jalali Motlagh, E. G. Kuellenberg, G. R. Wojtkiewicz, S. P. Schmidt, R. Stocker, J. W. Chen. Highly Efficient Activatable MRI Probe to Sense Myeloperoxidase Activity

    J Med Chem, vol. 64, 2021, pp. 5874-5885

  2. K. E. Martin, A. G. Cosby, E. Boros. Multiplex and In Vivo Optical Imaging of Discrete Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes Enabled by In Situ Cherenkov Radiation Mediated Energy Transfer

    J Am Chem Soc, vol. 143, 2021, pp. 9206-9214

  3. 2018

  4. Y. Luo, E. H. Kim, C. A. Flask, H. A. Clark. Nanosensors for the Chemical Imaging of Acetylcholine Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    ACS Nano, vol. 12, 2018, pp. 5761-5773