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  4. J. Ren, M. Xu, J. Chen, J. Ding, P. Wang, L. Huo, F. Li, Z. Liu. PET imaging facilitates antibody screening for synergistic radioimmunotherapy with a ¹⁷⁷Lu-labeled αPD-L1 antibody

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  6. P. Diebolder, C. Mpoy, J. Scott, T. T. Huynh, R. Fields, D. Spitzer, N. Bandara, B. E. Rogers. Preclinical Evaluation of an Engineered Single-Chain Fragment Variable-Fragment Crystallizable Targeting Human CD44

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  7. A. Cavaliere, S. Sun, S. Lee, J. Bodner, Z. Li, Y. Huang, S. L. Moores, B. Marquez-Nostra. Development of ⁸⁹ZrDFO-amivantamab bispecific to EGFR and c-MET for PET imaging of triple-negative breast cancer

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  8. I. J. G. Burvenich, Y. W. Goh, N. Guo, H. K. Gan, A. Rigopoulos, D. Cao, Z. Liu, U. Ackermann, C. W. Wichmann, A. F. McDonald, N. Huynh, G. J. O\'Keefe, S. J. Gong, F. E. Scott, L. Li, W. Geng, A. Zutshi, Y. Lan, A. M. Scott. Radiolabelling and preclinical characterization of (89)Zr-Df-radiolabelled bispecific anti-PD-L1/TGF-βRII fusion protein bintrafusp alfa

    Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging, vol. 48, 2021, pp. 3075-3088

  9. 2020

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  22. 2019

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  38. 2018

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