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  1. D. Sonanini, C. M. Griessinger, B. F. Schörg, P. Knopf, K. Dittmann, M. Röcken, B. J. Pichler, M. Kneilling. Low-dose total body irradiation facilitates antitumoral Th1 immune responses

    Theranostics, vol. 11, 2021, pp. 7700-7714

  2. M. Minnix, L. Li, P. J. Yazaki, A. D. Miller, J. Chea, E. Poku, A. Liu, J. Y. C. Wong, R. C. Rockne, D. Colcher, J. E. Shively. TAG-72-Targeted α-Radionuclide Therapy of Ovarian Cancer Using ²²⁵Ac-Labeled DOTAylated-huCC49 Antibody

    J Nucl Med, vol. 62, 2021, pp. 55-61

  3. Y. Huang, Z. Yang, F. Li, H. Zhao, C. Li, N. Yu, D. J. Hamilton, Z. Li. ⁶⁴Cu/¹⁷⁷Lu-DOTA-diZD, a Small-Molecule-Based Theranostic Pair for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

    J Med Chem, vol. 64, 2021, pp. 2705-2713

  4. 2020

  5. A. C. Yang, M. Y. Stevens, M. B. Chen, D. P. Lee, D. Stähli, D. Gate, K. Contrepois, W. Chen, T. Iram, L. Zhang, R. T. Vest, A. Chaney, B. Lehallier, N. Olsson, H. du Bois, R. Hsieh, H. C. Cropper, D. Berdnik, L. Li, E. Y. Wang, G. M. Traber. Physiological blood-brain transport is impaired with age by a shift in transcytosis

    Nature, vol. 583, 2020, pp. 425-430

  6. S. Rayamajhi, R. Marasini, T. D. T. Nguyen, B. L. Plattner, D. Biller, S. Aryal. Strategic reconstruction of macrophage-derived extracellular vesicles as a magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent

    Biomater Sci, vol. 8, 2020, pp. 2887-2904

  7. X. Qin, J. Sufi, P. Vlckova, P. Kyriakidou, S. E. Acton, V. S. W. Li, M. Nitz, C. J. Tape. Cell-type-specific signaling networks in heterocellular organoids

    Nat Methods, vol. 17, 2020, pp. 335-342

  8. T. D. T. Nguyen, R. Marasini, S. Rayamajhi, C. Aparicio, D. Biller, S. Aryal. Erythrocyte membrane concealed paramagnetic polymeric nanoparticle for contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

    Nanoscale, vol. 12, 2020, pp. 4137-4149

  9. K. E. Lindsay, D. Vanover, M. Thoresen, H. King, P. Xiao, P. Badial, M. Araínga, S. B. Park, P. M. Tiwari, H. E. Peck, E. L. Blanchard, J. M. Feugang, A. K. Olivier, C. Zurla, F. Villinger, A. R. Woolums, P. J. Santangelo. Aerosol Delivery of Synthetic mRNA to Vaginal Mucosa Leads to Durable Expression of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies against HIV

    Mol Ther, vol. 28, 2020, pp. 805-819

  10. V. J. Kelly, S. T. Wu, V. Gottumukkala, R. Coelho, K. Palmer, S. Nair, T. Erick, R. Puri, O. Ilovich, P. Mukherjee. Preclinical evaluation of an (111)In/(225)Ac theranostic targeting transformed MUC1 for triple negative breast cancer

    Theranostics, vol. 10, 2020, pp. 6946-6958

  11. X. Feng, Y. Wang, D. Lu, X. Xu, X. Zhou, H. Zhang, T. Zhang, H. Zhu, Z. Yang, F. Wang, N. Li, Z. Liu. Clinical Translation of a ⁶⁸Ga-Labeled Integrin α v β 6-Targeting Cyclic Radiotracer for PET Imaging of Pancreatic Cancer

    J Nucl Med, vol. 61, 2020, pp. 1461-1467

  12. R. Balhorn, M. C. Balhorn. Therapeutic applications of the selective high affinity ligand drug SH7139 extend beyond non-Hodgkin's lymphoma to many other types of solid cancers

    Oncotarget, vol. 11, 2020, pp. 3315-3349

  13. I. S. Alam, F. Simonetta, L. Scheller, A. T. Mayer, S. Murty, O. Vermesh, T. W. Nobashi, J. K. Lohmeyer, T. Hirai, J. Baker, K. H. Lau, R. Negrin, S. S. Gambhir. Visualization of Activated T Cells by OX40-ImmunoPET as a Strategy for Diagnosis of Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease

    Cancer Res, vol. 80, 2020, pp. 4780-4790

  14. 2019

  15. S. M. Srideshikan, J. Brooks, D. Zuro, B. Kumar, J. Sanchez, L. Echavarria Parra, M. Orellana, P. Vishwasrao, I. Nair, J. Chea, K. Poku, N. Bowles, A. Miller, T. Ebner, J. Molnar, J. Rosenthal, D. A. Vallera, J. Y. C. Wong, A. S. Stein, D. Colcher, J. E. Shively. ImmunoPET, ⁶⁴Cu-DOTA-Anti-CD33 PET-CT, Imaging of an AML Xenograft Model

    Clin Cancer Res, vol. 25, 2019, pp. 7463-7474

  16. H. H. Pang, P. Y. Chen, K. C. Wei, C. W. Huang, Y. L. Shiue, C. Y. Huang, H. W. Yang. Convection-Enhanced Delivery of a Virus-Like Nanotherapeutic Agent with Dual-Modal Imaging for Besiegement and Eradication of Brain Tumors

    Theranostics, vol. 9, 2019, pp. 1752-1763

  17. A. Natarajan, C. B. Patel, S. Ramakrishnan, P. S. Panesar, S. R. Long, S. S. Gambhir. A Novel Engineered Small Protein for Positron Emission Tomography Imaging of Human Programmed Death Ligand-1: Validation in Mouse Models and Human Cancer Tissues

    Clin Cancer Res, vol. 25, 2019, pp. 1774-1785

  18. Q. Liu, E. M. Johnson, R. K. Lam, Q. Wang, H. Bo Ye, E. N. Wilson, P. S. Minhas, L. Liu, M. S. Swarovski, S. Tran, J. Wang, S. S. Mehta, X. Yang, J. D. Rabinowitz, S. S. Yang, M. Shamloo, C. Mueller, M. L. James, K. I. Andreasson. Peripheral TREM1 responses to brain and intestinal immunogens amplify stroke severity

    Nat Immunol, vol. 20, 2019, pp. 1023-1034

  19. W. Fan, W. Zhang, S. Alshehri, T. R. Neeley, J. C. Garrison. Enhanced tumor retention of NTSR1-targeted agents by employing a hydrophilic cysteine cathepsin inhibitor

    Eur J Med Chem, vol. 177, 2019, pp. 386-400

  20. S. R. Banerjee, V. Kumar, A. Lisok, D. Plyku, Z. Nováková, M. Brummet, B. Wharram, C. Barinka, R. Hobbs, M. G. Pomper. Evaluation of ¹¹¹In-DOTA-5D3, a Surrogate SPECT Imaging Agent for Radioimmunotherapy of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen

    J Nucl Med, vol. 60, 2019, pp. 400-406

  21. 2018

  22. M. Rabyk, A. Galisova, M. Jiratova, V. Patsula, L. Srbova, L. Loukotova, J. Parnica, D. Jirak, P. Stepanek, M. Hruby. Mannan-based conjugates as a multimodal imaging platform for lymph nodes

    J Mater Chem B, vol. 6, 2018, pp. 2584-2596

  23. Y. Li, Y. Du, X. Liang, T. Sun, H. Xue, J. Tian, Z. Jin. EGFR-targeted liposomal nanohybrid cerasomes: theranostic function and immune checkpoint inhibition in a mouse model of colorectal cancer

    Nanoscale, vol. 10, 2018, pp. 16738-16749

  24. A. I. Jensen, G. W. Severin, A. E. Hansen, F. P. Fliedner, R. Eliasen, L. Parhamifar, A. Kjær, T. L. Andresen, J. R. Henriksen. Remote-loading of liposomes with manganese-52 and in vivo evaluation of the stabilities of (52)Mn-DOTA and ⁶⁴Cu-DOTA using radiolabelled liposomes and PET imaging

    J Control Release, vol. 269, 2018, pp. 100-109

  25. M. C. Hekman, M. Rijpkema, C. H. Muselaers, E. Oosterwijk, C. A. Hulsbergen-Van de Kaa, O. C. Boerman, W. J. Oyen, J. F. Langenhuijsen, P. F. Mulders. Tumor-targeted Dual-modality Imaging to Improve Intraoperative Visualization of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: A First in Man Study

    Theranostics, vol. 8, 2018, pp. 2161-2170

  26. M. N. Centelles, M. Wright, P. W. So, M. Amrahli, X. Y. Xu, J. Stebbing, A. D. Miller, W. Gedroyc, M. Thanou. Image-guided thermosensitive liposomes for focused ultrasound drug delivery: Using NIRF-labelled lipids and topotecan to visualise the effects of hyperthermia in tumours

    J Control Release, vol. 280, 2018, pp. 87-98

  27. I. S. Alam, A. T. Mayer, I. Sagiv-Barfi, K. Wang, O. Vermesh, D. K. Czerwinski, E. M. Johnson, M. L. James, R. Levy, S. S. Gambhir. Imaging activated T cells predicts response to cancer vaccines

    J Clin Invest, vol. 128, 2018, pp. 2569-2580