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    Immunity, vol. 54, 2021, pp. 1594-1610.e11

  4. I. Schulien, J. Kemming, V. Oberhardt, K. Wild, L. M. Seidel, S. Killmer, Sagar, F. Daul, M. Salvat Lago, A. Decker, H. Luxenburger, B. Binder, D. Bettinger, O. Sogukpinar, S. Rieg, M. Panning, D. Huzly, M. Schwemmle, G. Kochs, C. F. Waller, A. Nieters, D. Duerschmied, F. Emmerich, H. E. Mei, A. R. Schulz, S. Llewellyn-Lacey, D. A. Price, T. Boettler, B. Bengsch, R. Thimme, M. Hofmann, C. Neumann-Haefelin. Characterization of pre-existing and induced SARS-CoV-2-specific CD8(+) T cells

    Nat Med, vol. 27, 2021, pp. 78-85

  5. A. Nomani, G. Li, S. Yousefi, S. Wu, O. M. Malekshah, S. K. Nikkhoi, M. Pourfathi, R. Rizi, A. Hatefi. Gadolinium-labeled affibody-XTEN recombinant vector for detection of HER2+ lesions of ovarian cancer lung metastasis using quantitative MRI

    J Control Release, vol. 337, 2021, pp. 132-143

  6. T. Ma, H. Ryu, M. McGregor, B. Babcock, J. Neidleman, G. Xie, A. F. George, J. Frouard, V. Murray, G. Gill, E. Ghosn, E. W. Newell, S. A. Lee, N. R. Roan. Protracted yet Coordinated Differentiation of Long-Lived SARS-CoV-2-Specific CD8(+) T Cells during Convalescence

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    Cancer Cell, vol. 39, 2021, pp. 1227-1244.e20

  8. 2020

  9. S. Slight-Webb, M. Smith, A. Bylinska, S. Macwana, C. Guthridge, R. Lu, J. T. Merrill, E. Chakravarty, C. Arriens, M. E. Munroe, H. T. Maecker, P. J. Utz, J. M. Guthridge, J. A. James. Autoantibody-positive healthy individuals with lower lupus risk display a unique immune endotype

    J Allergy Clin Immunol, vol. 146, 2020, pp. 1419-1433

  10. B. Shi, B. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Y. Gu, C. Zheng, J. Yan, W. Chen, F. Yan, J. Ye, H. Zhang. Multifunctional gap-enhanced Raman tags for preoperative and intraoperative cancer imaging

    Acta Biomater, vol. 104, 2020, pp. 210-220

  11. X. Qin, J. Sufi, P. Vlckova, P. Kyriakidou, S. E. Acton, V. S. W. Li, M. Nitz, C. J. Tape. Cell-type-specific signaling networks in heterocellular organoids

    Nat Methods, vol. 17, 2020, pp. 335-342

  12. N. Nair, S. Y. Chen, E. Lemmens, S. Chang, D. T. Le, E. M. Jaffee, A. Murphy, C. Whiting, T. Müller, D. G. Brockstedt. Single-Cell Immune Competency Signatures Associate with Survival in Phase II GVAX and CRS-207 Randomized Studies in Patients with Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

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    Mol Ther, vol. 28, 2020, pp. 805-819

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    Cell, vol. 181, 2020, pp. 1626-1642.e20

  15. T. M. Fenton, P. B. Jørgensen, K. Niss, S. J. S. Rubin, U. M. Mörbe, L. B. Riis, C. Da Silva, A. Plumb, J. Vandamme, H. L. Jakobsen, S. Brunak, A. Habtezion, O. H. Nielsen, B. Johansson-Lindbom, W. W. Agace. Immune Profiling of Human Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Identifies a Role for Isolated Lymphoid Follicles in Priming of Region-Specific Immunity

    Immunity, vol. 52, 2020, pp. 557-570.e6

  16. 2019

  17. J. Wagner, M. A. Rapsomaniki, S. Chevrier, T. Anzeneder, C. Langwieder, A. Dykgers, M. Rees, A. Ramaswamy, S. Muenst, S. D. Soysal, A. Jacobs, J. Windhager, K. Silina, M. van den Broek, K. J. Dedes, M. Rodríguez Martínez, W. P. Weber, B. Bodenmiller. A Single-Cell Atlas of the Tumor and Immune Ecosystem of Human Breast Cancer

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  20. Y. Liang, Q. Liu, Y. Zhou, S. Chen, L. Yang, M. Zhu, Q. Wang. Counting and Recognizing Single Bacterial Cells by a Lanthanide-Encoding Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometric Approach

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    Immunity, vol. 51, 2019, pp. 573-589.e8

  22. 2018

  23. E. Pérez, K. Bierla, G. Grindlay, J. Szpunar, J. Mora, R. Lobinski. Lanthanide polymer labels for multiplexed determination of biomarkers in human serum samples by means of size exclusion chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

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