Customer publications – B-1005

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  1. I. Quelven, J. Monteil, M. Sage, A. Saidi, J. Mounier, A. Bayout, J. Garrier, M. Cogne, S. Durand-Panteix. ²¹²Pb α-Radioimmunotherapy Targeting CD38 in Multiple Myeloma: A Preclinical Study

    J Nucl Med, vol. 61, 2020, pp. 1058-1065

  2. A. Corroyer-Dulmont, S. Valable, N. Falzone, A. M. Frelin-Labalme, O. Tietz, J. Toutain, M. S. Soto, D. Divoux, L. Chazalviel, E. A. Pérès, N. R. Sibson, K. A. Vallis, M. Bernaudin. VCAM-1 targeted alpha-particle therapy for early brain metastases

    Neuro Oncol, vol. 22, 2020, pp. 357-368

  3. 2019

  4. R. Ladjohounlou, C. Lozza, A. Pichard, J. Constanzo, J. Karam, P. Le Fur, E. Deshayes, V. Boudousq, S. Paillas, M. Busson, M. Le Blay, M. Jarlier, S. Marcatili, M. Bardiès, F. Bruchertseifer, A. Morgenstern, J. Torgue, I. Navarro-Teulon, J. P. Pouget. Drugs That Modify Cholesterol Metabolism Alter the p38/JNK-Mediated Targeted and Nontargeted Response to Alpha and Auger Radioimmunotherapy

    Clin Cancer Res, vol. 25, 2019, pp. 4775-4790